Funky Lash Ergonomic Lash Pillow

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Each Funky Lash Ergonomic Lash Pillow is made from top quality memory foam and makes the perfect addition to your lashing workspace – in a choice of luxury leatherette or stylish suedette material.

Suitable for use in all beauty treatments (for lash technicians, beauticians & makeup artists alike) our ergonomically designed pillow is long, wide & high enough to support your forearms and wrists – which is essential during lash applications. These features will massively help your posture & prevent you from slouching; ensuring comfort and arm stability.

Our professionally designed lash pillows reduce shoulder pain (the most common health complaint amongst lash artists) whilst increasing your productivity. The height of each pillow has been measured to perfectly align to your client’s eye level; making the transition between picking the glue from your palette & placing the lash extension on the natural eyelash quick and easy.

They’re also perfect in terms of keeping your client comfy during their treatment. The pillow’s shape and high quality memory foam inner supports their head & neck; allowing their shoulder muscles to relax completely.

Our Funky Lash Accessories Table is the perfect partner to our lash pillow – the two slot seamlessly together to create a professional, practical lashing workstation. Our accessories table sits perfectly on top of the pillow; keeping your accessories safe and organised during appointments.