Brow Lamination kit

Brow Lamination kit

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Brow Lamination kit 

Brow lamination is the new brow craze sweeping across all countries.

Brow lamination gives the brows a fuller and more uniform shape.  This is also a great alternative to micro blading.

Brow hair which is usually out of control can be corrected from this 30 minute treatment. The brows can be realigned and shaped to the clients preference.

This treatment solves unruly brows, creates extra volume and fullness, and gives a sleek, neat shape for 6-8 weeks.

Our products can also encourage brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair.

  • Our Brow Lamination Kit will provide up to 40 treatments
  • Please note once the sachet is opened, it must be used within 48 hours.

Treatment procedure

Clean the brow area with cleanser to remove all oils etc.

Comb the brows in upwards direction then apply bonder to the hair sparsely and comb to set hair in the correct direction.  

Then using micro brushes apply step 1 lifting lotion ensuring you cover the root of the hair. Cover all the hair if you want to straighten curly strands or soften thick hair.

Processing time

Fine brows 3-4 minutes

Healthy brows 4-5 minutes

Course brows 5-6minutes

Then remove with cotton buds.

Step 2.

Apply small amount of Neutralising lotion the same as step 1 using micro brushes.

  • Very fine and previously tinted brows 4 minutes
  • Natural healthy and course healthy brows 5 minutes

Then remove with micro brushes carefully 

Step 3.

Apply moisturising serum over the brows using micro brushes to condition the lashes and remove unwanted bonder.

* You must be fully trained in this treatment and hold an accredited certificate.

*Proof of certification will be required before purchasing .

* Please ensure you wait at least 8 weeks before repeating treatment.