Exciting news guys – we’re welcoming another incredible addition to the Funky Lash store today; our BRAND NEW Flat Lashes. These premium quality lash extensions will achieve luxurious, professional results on your clients – and we’re super excited for you to try them! Read on to find out more – and why your salon needs them!

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Our all-new Ellipse Flat Lash Extensions allow you to create beautiful, full sets of lashes for your clients; without weighing down their natural eyelashes. These flat lashes wrap around your client’s natural lash much more seamlessly than the average extension.

They’re an ideal choice for clients who have weak or thin natural lashes, as the flat base of these extensions still offers that full, luscious flutter just without the typical weight of a thicker extension. AND due to their flat base, these extensions allow you to really create a secure, strong & lasting bond between the extension & natural lash.

Funky Lash Ellipse Flat Lashes

Available to order online or in store NOW – for just £10.99 per tray!

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Let us know what you think when you’ve tried them!