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Loyalty Scheme2019-07-27T09:47:09+01:00

Loyalty Scheme

Funky Lash Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty means a lot to us, and as such, we want to reward you for coming back again and again.  To do this, each time you purchase from our online store, we will reward you with loyalty points.  The amount will vary by product, and we will be adding promotions and competitions via our social media channels for added points.

Reward points can be used as payment for goods in our online store, but are not withdrawable and have no cash value, a list of main FAQ’s can be found below.

Your Loyalty Points Balance:

Can i get FREE Loyalty Points2019-07-31T17:02:10+01:00

We want you to be as loyal as possible!  We will give you the following:

  1. 0.50 Points for registering an account.
  2. 0.05 Points for logging into your account (max 0.10 per day)
  3. 0.05 Points just for visiting our website each day.
  4. 0.05 Points for viewing a product (max 0.15 per day)


Can i use my loyalty points towards payment for goods?2019-07-24T15:49:40+01:00

Yes, if you have enough points to purchase your goods outright, you can choose ‘pay with loyalty points’ at checkout.

Convert loyalty points to couponYou can pay part of your bill using some of your loyalty points by converting them to a coupon on the cart or checkout page and entering the code in the promotional coupon box

Pay with loyalty points
How much is 1 loyalty point worth?2019-07-24T10:28:16+01:00

Loyalty points have no cash value, but they can be used to purchase goods from our online store, where 1 loyalty point is worth £1

How long do my loyalty points last?2019-07-15T09:43:05+01:00

Points will remain in your account so long as your account is active, we reserve the right to remove points from any account that has not been used for 90 days

What is a Loyalty Point2019-07-15T09:37:26+01:00

A loyalty point is a credit amount (thank you) attached to your account

How many loyalty points can i earn?2019-07-15T09:37:25+01:00

There is no limit to the number of loyalty points you can hold in your account.

Do i need to register on the website before i can earn loyalty points?2019-07-15T09:37:25+01:00