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My Coupon Code Is Not Working?2018-02-17T11:43:22+00:00

We occasionally issue Discount Codes via our Newsletter and other means.  There are various differing types of code, a link to the specific T&Cs for that promotion can be found in the Newsletter.

Main issues are:

All Codes

  • All coupon codes must be entered in CAPITALS, lower case codes will not work.
  • Codes do not contain spaces.

Specific Codes

  • Require the user to be logged into the site.
  • Require a MIN/ MAX amount of products.
  • Can only be redeemed on selected products or categories
Where do you post to?2017-09-04T20:11:58+01:00

We post to customers across the UK and Europe, standard delivery is included in the item cost.  If you wish, you can upgrade the postage option at checkout.

How do i pay?2017-09-04T20:15:16+01:00

We use PayPal to process our payments, its a well known and recognised brand and you don’t need an account to use it!

Do i need an account with Funky Lash?2017-09-04T20:18:39+01:00

No, you don’t need an account, simply add items to you basket and checkout, you will be asked if you wish to open an account, but you don’t need to.

Can i get FREE Loyalty Points2019-07-31T17:02:10+01:00

We want you to be as loyal as possible!  We will give you the following:

  1. 0.50 Points for registering an account.
  2. 0.05 Points for logging into your account (max 0.10 per day)
  3. 0.05 Points just for visiting our website each day.
  4. 0.05 Points for viewing a product (max 0.15 per day)


Why do you have ‘Register’ and ‘Log in’ buttons?2017-09-04T20:26:22+01:00

If you are a regular customer, creating an account will make your shopping experience quicker and easier. And we have made it even easier by allowing you to log in using Facebook

Is this site secure?2017-09-04T20:29:29+01:00

Yes, we take security seriously.  When shopping online you must always look for the green padlock in your address bar, this tells you that any data you share is encrypted.

Do you have a returns policy?2017-09-22T14:32:51+01:00

Yes, we do.  Our returns policy is outlined here Returns Policy

Due to the nature of some of our products, for hygiene reasons, we can only accept goods that are unopened.

What is a Loyalty Point2019-07-15T09:37:26+01:00

A loyalty point is a credit amount (thank you) attached to your account

How many loyalty points can i earn?2019-07-15T09:37:25+01:00

There is no limit to the number of loyalty points you can hold in your account.

Do i need to register on the website before i can earn loyalty points?2019-07-15T09:37:25+01:00

Yes, so we can allocate them to you, an account is required.

How much is 1 loyalty point worth?2019-07-24T10:28:16+01:00

Loyalty points have no cash value, but they can be used to purchase goods from our online store, where 1 loyalty point is worth £1

How many loyalty points do i get for every £1 i spend?2019-07-15T09:37:23+01:00

This will vary by product, and we will also be adding promotions that give increased loyalty points.  Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to hear!