Easy Self Fanning Silk Volume Eyelashes

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Our fantastic Easy Self Fanning silk Mega Volume Eyelashes are the ultimate self fanning lash; brand new to the market. These luxury, professional cruelty free quality lash extensions cut the time it would normally take to apply Volume Lashes in half!

They’re super easy to work with, meaning they don’t take much effort to apply as they fan themselves.

The finished result is a beautiful, full set of luxurious Volume Lashes for your clients… in half the time! These lashes are absolute game changers for all lash technicians and mobile therapists – try them and see for yourself!

8-14mm C or D curl 

8 x 1

9 x 2

10 x 2

11 x 2

12 x 2

13 x 2 

14 x 1

Or single lengths of