These days, it’s no secret that celebs and us regular people alike love to add a little drama to our eyes, whether that’s through cat-eye liner, a cut crease, smoky eyes and of course, extra long lashes. There’s something about having those fluttery lashes no matter what occasion it is, and the following celebrities and stars know exactly how to style them from red carpet to every day.


Kim Kardashian is always a lash-on-fleek kinda gal. There’s never a moment she doesn’t look glamorous, even when she is extremely understated like that time when she went to the VMAs with wet hair and wore very natural makeup. Kimmy K just oozes glamour and that’s why we love her so much. Her past lash looks have been courtesy of Huda Beauty, but you can get her look with virtually any of our strip lashes, depending which Kim Kardashian lash you want to make your own.


One not to fear the dramatics, Nicki Minaj’s lashes never fail to impress. Wild, over-the-top and the definition of a #Funkette, her lashes are just as creative as she is. If you don’t take anything else away from this post, take away the notion that our lashes each reflect our personality whether you are as loud as Nicki Minaj, or as demure as some of Kim Kardashian’s latest looks.


The English Rose of lashes is our lovely Cheryl Cole. She is no stranger to lashes having teamed up with Eyelure to create her own line of strip lashes which continue to be popular with every one she brings out. Her own lashes bring a subtle drama to each look and we adore them. You can get similar looks with some of our Original Mink lashes such as Bella 017 and Jasmine 012.


Jessi J’s style has evolved since she first hit the charts with Do It Like A Dude and her lashes are no exception. From full on dramatic to their more natural state, Jessi’s lashes have been on a journey too and we love every single look. Lashes are at the number one spot in her beauty routine, but she prefers to use single lashes rather than strip lashes; she prefers the creativity and freedom of single lashes, thus creating her very own  unique look.


Christina Aguilera is another lady who knows how to dramatise her eyes. Her level of falsies skyrockets above the rest; perhaps just a little lower than Nicki Minaj’s epic lashes. It’s evident that Christina loves to play around with her lashes, creating different looks and having a ball with her lashes – that’s what we’re all about here at Funky Lash. Having fun with lashes is the best way to wear them!


Miss Grande will be a national treasure in our eyes forevermore, and her lashes are a treasure in their own right. Ariana said in an interview that she “loves lashes” and she could walk out completely naked as long as she had her lashes on. We know exactly how you feel, Ari! Her doll eyed look is a favourite of ours and it’s so simple to get the same on using a pair of our very own Funky Lash strip lashes.


Rihanna is one of those women who looks sultry, flawless and incredible. It doesn’t matter if she is wearing baggy jeans and converse, or the most dazzling dress, she is a stunning woman. Whether she has an edgy look, a demure feel or a classic Hollywood glamour, her lashes leave an impact that completes every look Rihanna creates.


The lovable yet feisty Chrissy Teigan is glamorous at all times; we doubt there’s a ti