Are you a lash technician or makeup artist? Do you take photos of your lash work? How are your snaps turning out? If your images could do with improving or you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, we’ve got 5 simple steps that’ll help you achieve your goals.

5 Steps To The Perfect Photo:

1. Avoid Taking Pics With A Dirty Lens
Always ensure your lens is clean before you get snapping. Even the slightest mark or smudge can affect the overall appearance of your image, so give it a quick clean before taking your desired shot for more professional results.

2. Know The Importance of Good Lighting
Good lighting conditions make all the difference when it comes to nailing that perfect shot – bad lighting means you’ll not see the subject matter clearly and decreases the quality of the final result. You should also ensure to take care when positioning your lighting. Always position your lights in front of your client – a Glamcor or Ring Light are perfect for this.

3. Pay Attention to Detail
Make sure that your clients’ lashes have been combed, corrected and prepped before taking the shot & any stray lashes or debris have been cleared.

4. Try Different Angles
Take a variety of shots so you’re not limited when it comes to choosing the perfect one. Stand to the side of your client and position your camera / phone at an angle when taking your pics. Take several shots and then choose your favourite from the different angles.

5. Consider Eye Positioning
Always ask your client to look straight ahead and not to either side when you’re taking a photo of your work – this isn’t a natural look & can cause your photo to look a little odd.

What did you think of these top tips? Will be using any of them moving forward? Let us know – and don’t forget to tag us in your work #FunkyLash